My to-learn list for 2013

Year 2012 was a good year.
I had two main goals, learn Objective-C and bootstrap an App. I succeed at both.
At first I wanted to launch a iOS app, but in the end I came to launch a OSX app.
You can look at it here.

Learning Objective-C and Cocoa had a somehow steep learning curve, specially Cocoa framework. But hey, I did it. I’m now able to create Cocoa apps, and I’m very proud of this achievement.

However, I’m mostly a web developer, and in 2012 some technologies and trends slipped away from me due to my full focus on one language and framework.

In 2013 I’m hoping to fix this, I want to recover that time and get back on track on Webdev, even if some of it is also front-end related.

So to make it easy, I’ve compiled a small list of things I want to either learn or become more hardcore at it.

Here’s the main topics.


Javascript - I want to improve my currents skills, use better practices and understand some things better
PHP 5.4/5.5 - Learn the new features of PHP 5.4 and 5.5
Python (Due to Udacity courses I’m need to refresh my skills in Python)


Backbone.js - Everyone is using this lately, I need to get my hands dirty and create something out of it
AgularJS - Lots of people recommend this instead of backbone, I want to try both and see what fits me best
CoffeeScript - Heard good things about it, need to try it out as well.
Laravel - I saw their documentation and a  few videos and I got immediately interested in using it
JQuery - I need to go depth in JQuery, like javascript, code better with Jquery.
SASS - The new shiny thing for CSS, it looks awesome as well.
NodeJS - I have done a few things with nodeJS in early 2012, but I’m feeling rusty at it. So I may do a small come back here as well.


MongoDB - Finally I need to get into NoSQL databases and learn/code something out of it
ElasticSearch - I’ve already tried SphinxSearch, now it’s time for ElasticSearch and it’s lovely JSON queries
PostgreSQL - I left PSQL in 2002/2003, I need to regain my skills at it and maybe ditch MySQL forever.

Concepts, practices and online courses

Unit TestingTDD and BDD - I seriously need to start doing this, so far I’ve done just a little of Unit testing, I need more. (Shame on me)
PHP Standards - Code by PHP standards and stick to it
Hack Design - This is an amazing course for any developer who wants or needs to cross to design once and while
Udacity - Epic courses here, I’m committing myself to learn at least 2 or 3 this year


Javascript – The Good Parts - Already read it by time I’m writing this. Good book to any JS coder.
The Pragmatic Programmer - Great tips on good practices, I need to finish it.
Code Complete 2nd Edition - I heard this is also a very good book, I need to purchase it first ;)


Launch an OSS project (yet to be defined)
Launch a new Webapp (yet to be defined)
Improve Codebugapp

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