Creating a dynamic modular multi-page app with Backbone.js and RequireJs

So, as part of my To-Learn list for 2013 I’m currently messing around with Javascript tools and libraries.

It has been a long way since we used Javascript mostly to validate forms and show alert boxes.

Today we have so many good tools that allows us to write better front-end applications, that’s hard to keep up.

Recently I’ve been playing with Backbone.js, an awesome library that helps you separate content/logic in your front-end application. And while I’m no expert on it, one of the first things I noticed is that Backbone doesn’t explain how you should lay out your code.

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My to-learn list for 2013

Year 2012 was a good year.
I had two main goals, learn Objective-C and bootstrap an App. I succeed at both.
At first I wanted to launch a iOS app, but in the end I came to launch a OSX app.
You can look at it here.

Learning Objective-C and Cocoa had a somehow steep learning curve, specially Cocoa framework. But hey, I did it. I’m now able to create Cocoa apps, and I’m very proud of this achievement.
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