Creating a dynamic modular multi-page app with Backbone.js and RequireJs

So, as part of my To-Learn list for 2013 I’m currently messing around with Javascript tools and libraries. It has been a long way since we used Javascript mostly to validate forms and show alert boxes. Today we have so many good tools that allows us to write better front-end applications, that’s hard to keep […]

Name Convetion

Name Convention – A better approach

If your read my previous post about Clean Code, this will fit right along. This post is about choosing the right and correctly variables/classes or functions names for your code. Picking up a good name convention in some cases eliminates the need for comments, because your code will explain what’s going on.



This is my zero post. The first post out of (hopefully) many to come. This is a clean sheet, a green field or maybe a blank canvas, ready for me to fill it up. It’s where I will post my ideas, opinions on software development, programming techniques and basically everything I feel it fits the […]