Gowork@ my job board aggregator

Back in 2011 I’ve created a simple, yet powerful job board called Gowork@.
However, at the time I didn’t put too much effort into spread the word. Also, I had the chicken and egg problem. No jobs, no visitors and vice-versa. So, after I while I cowardly gave up on the project and I’ve put it aside.

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Test web apps on iOS by DNS spoofing your LAN with Ettercap


One of the things that annoys me is the fact the I can’t change the “/etc/hosts” file in the iOS (except if you jailbreak, I know I know).
I say this because I have lots of web apps in my local linux server that I would love to test it on mobile devices.
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Creating a dynamic modular multi-page app with Backbone.js and RequireJs

So, as part of my To-Learn list for 2013 I’m currently messing around with Javascript tools and libraries.

It has been a long way since we used Javascript mostly to validate forms and show alert boxes.

Today we have so many good tools that allows us to write better front-end applications, that’s hard to keep up.

Recently I’ve been playing with Backbone.js, an awesome library that helps you separate content/logic in your front-end application. And while I’m no expert on it, one of the first things I noticed is that Backbone doesn’t explain how you should lay out your code.

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Music for coding

I don’t know about you, but I can’t code without music. It’s just something that I do in auto-pilot, right before writing any line of code I put my headphones on and start my music player.

Although I love lots of rock bands and different styles, when it comes to coding I’m very, very picky.
One of the first requirements is that it can’t have people singing, or at least keep it to the bare minimum. I just find music with lyrics too distracting at times. I tend to concentrate more and get more productive while listening to hypnotic or haunting songs.
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My to-learn list for 2013

Year 2012 was a good year.
I had two main goals, learn Objective-C and bootstrap an App. I succeed at both.
At first I wanted to launch a iOS app, but in the end I came to launch a OSX app.
You can look at it here.

Learning Objective-C and Cocoa had a somehow steep learning curve, specially Cocoa framework. But hey, I did it. I’m now able to create Cocoa apps, and I’m very proud of this achievement.
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Debugging and profiling in PHP

When I started working as a web developer, PHP was the first language I learned that was 100% web oriented.
Back then I believe it was PHP3 or something like that. At the time, PHP was pretty new to the web, PERL was the main denominator.

PHP today is hated and loved, and I’m not going into that path here, I’m very programming language agnostic. My mantra is “use what’s best for the job”. However, back then PHP was getting lot of traction, mostly because it was very easy to work with and to setup/deploy. Nothing, even today, beats the LAMP stack.

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Sublime textSublime text

My Top 10 Sublime Text Plugins

I’ve known Sublime Text for a long time now, I remember testing it’s first public beta version around 2008/2009. I was impressed by the epic layout. But at the same time I was still too oriented towards IDEs, so I put it aside. Only too pick it up recently.

I was blown away how the community it’s so active and how extensible it is. I came from a VIM background, so I was a little reluctant to see if this would fit my needs. And it did, you can even simulate VIM by uncommenting just a few lines in the configuration.
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Code Ninja

The “Secret” Art of Clean Code

It shouldn’t be a secret, in fact I don’t want it to be a secret.

This so called “art” can define the future of your application, the sanity of your team, or worse, the future of your company.

Am I exaggerating ?

Not really. If you are a programmer with a few years of experience you’ve probably already seen this countless times, hell, you’ve probably done this already which is the so called messy, undocumented, untested and hard to read code.
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This is my zero post.
The first post out of (hopefully) many to come.
This is a clean sheet, a green field or maybe a blank canvas, ready for me to fill it up.

It’s where I will post my ideas, opinions on software development, programming techniques and basically everything I feel it fits the topic.
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