Henrique B.


Creating a dynamic modular multi-page app with Backbone.js and RequireJs

So, as part of my To-Learn list for 2013 I’m currently messing around with Javascript tools and libraries. It has been a long way since we used Javascript mostly to validate forms and show alert boxes. Today we have so many good tools that allows us to write better front-end applications, that’s hard to keep up. Recently I’ve been playing… Read more →


Music for coding

I don’t know about you, but I can’t code without music. It’s just something that I do in auto-pilot, right before writing any line of code I put my headphones on and start my music player. Although I love lots of rock bands and different styles, when it comes to coding I’m very, very picky. One of the first requirements… Read more →



This is my zero post. The first post out of (hopefully) many to come. This is a clean sheet, a green field or maybe a blank canvas, ready for me to fill it up. It’s where I will post my ideas, opinions on software development, programming techniques and basically everything I feel it fits the topic. Read more →