Test web apps on iOS by DNS spoofing your LAN with Ettercap

Problem One of the things that annoys me is the fact the I can’t change the “/etc/hosts” file in the iOS (except if you jailbreak, I know I know). I say this because I have lots of web apps in my local linux server that I would love to test it on mobile devices.


Creating a dynamic modular multi-page app with Backbone.js and RequireJs

So, as part of my To-Learn list for 2013 I’m currently messing around with Javascript tools and libraries. It has been a long way since we used Javascript mostly to validate forms and show alert boxes. Today we have so many good tools that allows us to write better front-end applications, that’s hard to keep up. Recently I’ve been playing…


Music for coding

I don’t know about you, but I can’t code without music. It’s just something that I do in auto-pilot, right before writing any line of code I put my headphones on and start my music player. Although I love lots of rock bands and different styles, when it comes to coding I’m very, very picky. One of the first requirements…


Debugging and profiling in PHP

When I started working as a web developer, PHP was the first language I learned that was 100% web oriented. Back then I believe it was PHP3 or something like that. At the time, PHP was pretty new to the web, PERL was the main denominator. PHP today is hated and loved, and I’m not going into that path here,…